Editing and Revising English Texts

As part of its 2016 Frankfurt seminar cycle, training provider Camels has organized a one-day seminar by Deborah Fry entitled “Editing and revising English texts – a translator's perspective. ” Delivered in English, this is aimed at experienced native and non-native translators, revisers and editors of English texts. It looks at the goals, requirements and constraints of the various types of editing and revising, identifies key issues and offers solutions for common problems. Participants will be introduced to a practical but rigorous framework that will help guide them through everything from the planning stage right down to the finished product. Checklists, information on resources, and tips and tricks gathered over thirty years of experience in the field will also be provided. Side issues covered include the challenges of English texts that have been written or typeset by non-native speakers, different variants of English, and online versus offline working environments. Participants are encouraged to send in questions and contributions for discussion in advance.

Date: October 4, 2016

Location: Design Offices Frankfurt Westend, Frankfurt am Main

Details: See the Camels website for registration and pricing details.