I provide UK, US, and International English translations of German texts in the following areas:

  • Corporate governance, compliance, and corporate management
  • Financial and fund reports; audit reports
  • Sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting
  • Banking, finance, and risk management
  • Financial/legal and legislative texts
  • Commercial and corporate real estate
  • Human and executive resources
  • Financial communications

I work in a Windows/MS Office environment and also use SDL Studio 2019 (translation memory) technology where appropriate. Please contact me to discuss any specific file formats.

Consulting and training

My consulting and training services build on my translation specializations and my long track record in the language industry. I work with training providers, clients, and industry associations to offer the following services:

  • Translation training in my specialist areas
  • English style and editing training for translators, editors, and others
  • English corporate language resources (style guides, terminology development and validation, translation guidelines, etc.)
  • Translation quality training and optimization
  • Workflow and technology assessment, and in-house standards and procedures