To be successful, quality must be both a habit and a passion, and it has been central to everything I do for years.

In the 1990s I was a member of the DIN subcommittee that developed the now-superseded German translation standard, DIN 2345 (Translation Contracts). In my previous role as co-owner of a boutique translation company, I was responsible for the quality system that helped deliver superior value. This included training all staff in its use and creating feedback loops and materials. What is more, as a reviser I ensured that translations lived up to their quality promise every time.

I now take the same single-minded approach to my work as a freelance translator. My strict focus on my areas of specialization and continuous professional development activities ensure I understand the texts I translate. My translation and self-revision processes help me produce the best possible quality for a solo provider. And my many reference resources put any details I need at my fingertips.

In addition, I offer seminars and consulting on topics such as translation quality, revision, and proofreading. These provide translators and translation managers alike with a coherent framework for ensuring quality, plus practical tips. And the corporate language resources I develop for clients provide a common, high-quality baseline for translators and other staff members writing in English.