Terminology Workshop –
German to English Financial Translation Pitfalls

A practical one-day seminar focusing on common pitfalls for German-to-English financial translators.

From A for Abwicklung to Z for Zusammenarbeit – certain words, concepts, and stylistic problems cause financial translators particular trouble. This one-day English-language seminar, which is being hosted by leading training provider Camels, takes a practical look at these common pitfalls. Designed for German to English translators, it draws on Deborah Fry’s 35 years of experience as a translator, translation quality manager, translator trainer, and reviser. Participants will learn how to identify issues and potential solutions, and will discuss the meanings of words and phrases using examples from financial reports and other real-life documents. Group exercises will allow them to test their knowledge and apply what they‘ve learned. A reading list and practical tips for communicating issues will also be provided, while the seminar materials will offer a handy terminology resource.

Date: December 8, 2017

Location: Frankfurt

Details: See the Camels website for registration and pricing details.