Translating German Real Estate Texts

Hosted by translation training provider Camels, Deborah Fry’s full-day English-language seminar is designed for German-to-English translators of real estate texts, with a particular focus on commercial real estate.

It examines the role, advantages and disadvantages of real estate as an asset class, and explains current trends. A brief rundown of key real estate investment channels and vehicles in Germany and the roles of various players is also provided. In addition, the seminar offers overviews of the real estate investment process and lifecycle, property transactions and real estate management. As well as providing basic information and explaining core terms and concepts, the seminar highlights translation challenges associated with different text types using selected examples. Weasel words and US/UK language variants are discussed. Participants are encouraged to send in questions and contributions for discussion in advance.

Date: October 5, 2016

Location: Design Offices Frankfurt Westend, Frankfurt am Main

Details: See the Camels website for registration and pricing details.