Camels seminars in Frankfurt and Vienna: Translating in Style I and II, and Pitfalls V

Two “Translating in Style” seminars will be held in Frankfurt (September 15-16) and Vienna (October 14-15).

The first day in each case is a taught seminar on English writing and editing skills, revolving around the principles governing good general English style and how to apply them in practice. The second day offers a masterclass on translating reporting texts of various kinds into English. A particular focus will be on up-to-the minute topics, such as gendering issues in both German and English and translating politically sensitive topics.

In addition, the next seminar in the highly successful “Pitfalls” series will be held on September 17 in Frankfurt, and will look at more general problem terms underlying translations in many types of corporate documents.

All seminars will be held in English and are aimed at both native and non-native speakers. The individual days are divided into modules that can be booked separately, and both classroom and remote options are available.

Date: October 15, 2021

Location: Frankfurt / Vienna

Details: See the Camels website for further details, registration and pricing.