Quality German-to-English
corporate translations − and more

Adding value in and beyond translation

Sourcing accurate, stylish, specialist German-to-English corporate translations is a challenge for many organizations. Ensuring this happens every time can be an even bigger one. Especially in a rapidly changing world.

You need professional translation suppliers with the right mix of knowledge, experience, and linguistic skills – something easier said than done. But you often need more, too. Someone to share their knowledge of translation, subject areas, workflows, and technology to help you and your organization progress.

This is where I can help. Thirty-five years as a language services manager, translation company owner, translator, and consultant have given me a broad range of insights into the high end of the language industry. Plus a relentless focus on client needs, quality, and process.

I do four things:

  • As a translator, I produce high-quality German-to-English translations of complex texts, primarily in the areas of corporate governance, reporting, and finance.
  • I offer training in my areas of expertise, in quality, and in English style through a mixture of public and in-house seminars.
  • I produce tailor-made language resources for translation departments and for the enterprise as a whole.
  • I work as a language consultant, assessing and optimizing quality, workflows, and technology, and developing in-house standards and procedures.

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