What clients are saying

“Everything was wonderful, as always.”

“Thanks for your quick turnaround of our urgent inquiry. The translation is excellent.”

“A broad range of specialist knowledge and experience, and a highly valued lecturer.”

“A very good, accurate translation, just as we had expected.”

“Many thanks for the translations. They were super – we were really happy with them.”

“Brilliant! Thanks a lot for the rapid service.”

“Perfect! Many thanks. :-)”

“We’re consistently delighted with your work – thank you!”

“Thanks for your translations and for your comments on the original text. They were really valuable.”

“I really like your translation – you’ve captured both the content and the tone.”

“Thanks very much for your consistently excellent work for us.”

“The examples you chose in your seminar are very good - they’re at the heart of almost all the problems in this area.”

“I particularly liked the very well structured, clear way the [seminar] content was presented.”

“Excellent seminar. Thank you for the amazing work.”

“.. I’d like to say how happy I was again this year with your work.”

“Thank you for all your support and for your wonderful translations. We’re looking forward to the next projects with you.”

“Thanks very much – that was quick. Great! The text reads really well. And thanks, too, for your suggestions on how to optimize it.”

“Thanks a lot for your excellent translation of our text.”

“A brilliant session for consolidating my knowledge of financial German. Highly recommended.”

“Thanks a lot for doing this so quickly and for the high-quality results. We’ll take over your text and give it to the Board.”

“Simply excellent. An entertaining presenter who really knows her stuff.”

“I felt that the seminar had been written for me! It had everything that I come across on a regular basis and that I struggle with.”

“We were extremely pleased with your translations, just like last time. Many thanks once again for your terrific and fast support.”

“You addressed this huge topic, with all of its many facets, in a manageable, digestible structure and style … I think this was an excellent eye-opener for the group.”

“Thanks for the excellent presentation.”

“I skimmed the first 20 pages of your rewrite but stopped because I was very satisfied with the results. I then gave the text to the author and got exactly the same reaction.”

“Thank you again for your extremely interesting training presentation at our offices. It was very informative.”

“Your translation … is wonderful – thank you!”

“The structure and contents of the seminar were excellent … fun and informative. Very happy customer.”

“I am rewriting a text I translated using what I learned yesterday. The seminar was excellent.”

“[The seminar] … covered precisely those terms that cause us headaches in the office.”

“[You] … addressed participants’ questions/comments particularly well.”

“ I wanted to thank you for your fantastic, speedy and smooth collaboration on this project. It was a real pleasure…”

“We really appreciate your professional, high-quality work.”